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Oral History

Oral HistoryI am an experienced interviewer and use digital recording equipment and editing programmes to deliver high quality sound.

I was trained in the use and critical analysis of oral history methods while studying at Sussex University. As part of the course I spent a work placement at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery working along side the oral history curator and researching the history of the Theatre Royal. My interviews formed part of the sound archive and were presented through listening posts in the final exhibition.

Oral history is the recording of people’s memories, experiences and opinions. It is: A living history of everyone’s unique life experiences. An opportunity for those people who have been ‘hidden from history’ to have their voice heard. A rare chance to talk about and record history face-to-face.  A source of new insights and perspectives that may challenge our view of the past. The Oral History Society                                                                       

After completing my studies I was funded by Living Imprint to use oral history research to record the story of dancer and choreographer Angela Lane. As project leader, drawing on a range of oral history skills and methodology, I worked independently to research, interview, transcribe and thematically analyse the story and prepare the voice extracts for a public exhibition. The multi-media exhibition made use of archive photographs, text, sound and film and was presented in a creative and thought provoking way. I worked successfully within a limited budget and time frame. The CD and DVD of the project are held at the British Library Sound Archive.

You can listen to my public recordings here:

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