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photographyPhotographs are a valuable trigger for memories of people and places. A simple and chronologically arranged album of photos with concise pieces  of information can be an endless source of pleasure and a useful aid to memory.

I can scan, copy and digitally edit old photos for reproduction.

I am particularly interested in portrait photography and enjoy experimenting with digital apps to create unusual and bespoke results.


Photographs occupy a central role in my oral history & life story work. ‘Inside My Dance’, an oral history project about the life of dancer and choreographer Angela Lane, and how her life changed in response to her daughter’s disability, was exhibited as a multi media exhibition in which my photographs were used to express the story through muscle memory and movement.

You can look at other sets of my photos on Flickr here:

Find out more about using old photos here:

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  1. Hi Noelle and thanks for the link. Just enjoyed a quick look at your website while eating breakfast. I will send feedback when I have more time! Let me know if this link works

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