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Noelle is a talented and experienced Life Story Practitioner who brought her expertise to our project and helped create a great result for the individual we asked her to work with. She also gave invaluable support and advice to his staff team who spoke very highly of the quality of her work. Angela Lane Director at Full Report


It is a great pleasure to recommend Noelle as an interviewer. She not only demonstrates great journalistic skill, but is able to match this with the utmost integrity and sensitivity. I very much look forward to working with Noelle again in the near future. Ashleigh Ivil Media Producer/Creative Director

In December 2012 I invited the women I interviewed for ‘Waiting for Someone to Listen’ to feedback about the experience of recording their stories.

What was the experience like?

‘It was as if I was waiting for someone to sit down and listen, as if something was in a pot and you took the lid off and let the steam out.’

‘It was a very interesting experience in many ways. Firstly, it felt a real privilege to be able to speak freely and honestly for a long time. Very few people know about me as a person. With this interview, I feel as if I have left a piece of me, my life with my son, my experiences and how I have coped with things, since he was born.’

Was there any lasting impact?

‘I like to feel I have left a legacy for my daughter.’

‘Yes, it was a big relief that I told my story. I feel that it may help someone out there and that’s a great feeling. I hope that hearing my story may encourage people to tell their stories.’

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